Partner artists

Five artistic teams are associated with the Parvis project: artistic permanence on the territory and real companionship allowing an authentic common journey between the artists, the Scène National and the inhabitants of the territory. Beyond their presence in the programming, the aim is to provide the associated artists with support for their productions and with them, develop cultural activities aimed at all audiences. Three of these artists put transdisciplinarity at the very heart of their work.


  • Marion Siéfert, Ziferte Productions

    Marion Siéfert is an author, director and performer. Her work is at the crossroads of several artistic and theoretical fields and is carried out through different mediums: shows, films, writing. Since September 2017, she has been an associate artist at La Commune – CDN in Aubervilliers. There, in 2018, she created Le Grand Sommeil with the choreographer and performer Héléna de Laurens, programmed in the 2018 edition of the Festival d'Automne; in March 2019, Piece d'actualité nº12: DU SALE!, a duet for rapper Original Laeti and dancer Janice Bieleu; in 2020, _jeanne_dark, again with Héléna de Laurens



  • Nicolas Heredia, La Vaste Entreprise

    Nicolas Heredia and La Vaste Entreprise develop projects in theatres, art centers and public spaces at the intersection of live performance, visual and performative arts. For each new creation – Group visit (2016), Legends (2017), L'Origine du monde (2018) – a specific shape is drawn to compose over the years a collection of pieces that respond to and feed into themselves whilst favouring the highlighting of an ordinary rendered sensitive rather than spectacular, and drawing from reality (encounters / in situ immersions / found objects / live variations / happy coincidences) to invent multifaceted poetic writing.

  • Laurent Cabrol et Elsa de Witte, Bêtes de Foire, Petit théâtre de gestes (BEASTS OF THE FAIR, LITTLE THEATER OF GESTURES)

    Co-founder of the Convoi Exceptionnel and Trottola circuses with Titoune and Bonaventure Gacon, the juggler Laurent Cabrol with numerous artistic encounters: Raphaëlle Delaunay, the Cirque Romanes and the Théâtre du Rugissant where he met Elsa de Witte; a product of street theatre companies such as the Compagnie Babylon. Their work is at the crossroads of various expressions: the puppets and the theatre of objects through characters manipulated in plain sight, the circus both in its itinerant form and in its tragic emotion, the dance which through body language creates the movement, gestures and the sensibility of silent cinema.


  • Guillaume Lopez, GUILLAUME LOPEZ Inc.

    A transmitter of memories and a border crosser, Guillaume Lopez is an imaginative singer who questions his multiple identities and mixes Spain and its origins with each of his creations (RecuerdosLa Retirada et l'exil, Tres Vidas), voices and music from the Mediterranean world (Anda-Lutz, Vamos Ya!). At the crossroads of traditional music, improvised music and song, Guillaume Lopez is in perpetual quest for encounters and risk-taking.

  • Pauline Bayle, artiste invitée du territoire

    La metteuse en scène et directrice du Théâtre Public de Montreuil (CDN), Pauline Bayle sera invitée deux fois au Parvis cette saison avec sa nouvelle création Écrire sa vie présentée au Festival d’Avignon 2023 et un projet participatif, Extrem’Ados. Autrice et artisane d'un théâtre fondé avant tout sur l'acteur, elle est remarquée pour sa capacité à embarquer le public dans Illusions perdues, l'un des romans les plus complexes de Balzac qui a été présenté au Parvis la saison dernière.